About Us

Three Seas Infologics is a youthful and dynamic web organization that has practical experience in Data Gathering and Data administration arrangements and trusts that our group gives a remarkable approach in the market. In a limited ability to focus only 3 years we have possessed the capacity to hoard 85% information of the whole land and car industry in the state for our plume in top items. The midas touch of our own accompanies an enormous exertion that we send in every last field we handle. We have additionally stretched out our administrations to the Government segment, where we plan to make rushes of progress. We gloat in having exhibited the nations' first historically speaking Security Admin Console to the Governor and numerous more venture related honors anticipates us in the coming years.

Our work on SEO is unparalleled in the South region of the country. Our group of profoundly skilled and dynamic youths has and dependably will remain over the present patterns in the field of Digital Marketing. We have likewise filled the empty spot as the journalists of SEO in South India. Our lead program on the Technical Course on SEO and Digital Marketing earned acclaim from every one of the 4 quadrants. Our task group has constantly centered around dissecting, planning, creating, conveying and performing at the most highest level in any attempted wander.

People equipped with SEO are the new PR magicians in the corporate world; they are being required in large numbers around the world. Since the field is now infested with those who are not specially skilled, those who have learned the tricks would be in need in large numbers. The course in SEO and Digital marketing was prepared with exactly that in mind.

What Is SEO ?

Lets see the importance of Search Engine Optimization

Suppose you view visit a store in search of tea bags. You visit the specific locations where tea bags are displayed. What is displayed and what is not displayed determines your buying choice to a great extent. What catches your eye, owing to the aesthetic packing, glittering look and feel, and attractive price tag will easily land up in your delivery bag. So attractive packing, brand identity, look and feel and attractive price tag are the elements that determine the customer satisfaction of a product and that determine the high priority of its display in the shopping mall. Take this example to the area of web search. You, who want to spot a preferred item online,is the average user of computer or smartphone online. You visit the online supermarket, which is Google. Ask the executive (The box where you put your query in) where the tag bags are. Here comes the display. The shop keepers who arrange the tea bags in neat order, in due importance and on the basis of a few factors are the search engine spiders that crawl through millions of web pages that carry the queried term and arrange them in order of importance, relevance and aesthetics. 13 Yes. It is pretty clear what search is and what search engine does when we search something online. What is search engine optimization. Let us expand the above example a bit further.

You come out of the shopping mall and go home. There you make and pack your own special tea bags. You want to make money out of commercially manufacturing tea dust. When you make and pack your products, you do the same in the light of your experiences of buying tea bags in the shopping mall. You know what determines the high priority of display for your products. You take care so that your product will be displayed at the prominent spot. Or you to a marketing executive to make your product attractive so that it will be prominently displayed.
That is, when you design a web page or someone entrusts his/her webpage for marketing, you adopt a certain amount of techniques and tricks so that search engines easily spot them and display them prior to other similar web pages. To define Search Engine Optimization or SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process whereby a website, or more specifically a web page document, is constructed or amended in such a way as to improve its placement in search engine results. 14Search Engine Optimization is the process whereby a website, or more specifically a web page document, is constructed or amended in such a way as to improve its placement in search engine results.