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Take a closer look into our amazing team.

    Three seas Infologics is a pioneering Information Technology Initiative centred in the capital city of Kerala. The focus of the initiative is empowering educational, social and economic potential of the state through inventiveness in IT-enabled services. If information technology enables national building and growth, we are duty-bound to achieve the same through the milestones we would set in all important sectors, especially education.
Three Seas kickstarted itself as a web solutions initiative and was a collective of IT professionals whose forte it was to gather and manage data. In a short span of three years, we would be able to collect and collate 85 percent of data in the real estate and automobile industry. The unique method of ours is to help our clients redefine their identity and goals. We proudly took upon ourselves a slew of projects for the government of Kerala. Of these, a feather in our cap is definitely the setting of security admin console to the office of the Governor of Kerala, the first ever in the history of the country. We are awaiting fame and laurel in many enterprising initiatives we are carrying out for the government as well as for non-government groups.
Our association with the State Resource Centre for designing and conceiving the project of a course on search engine optimisation is really a dream come true for us. Because the sector of education in future immediately to come should aim at the integration of educational principles with technology. SEO is an overarching discipline as it guides expertise in all sectors. To run a course with the association of state resource centre was a challenging task. We took it upon ourselves, studied the scenario both emerging and capable of coming about, did a through field research, developed a syllabus as well as an eight-module long course book and had the project unveiled by the Governor of Kerala. Our task to make the project beneficial for the students of the states at a price far less than it is in the market. The attention of Norka would help the project reach out the thriving job and expertise market.
We also aim at a slew of projects that would see the high end integration of education and information technology. Achieving the best, giving out the best, performing in the best way possible. Those are the three principles upon which we have set ourselves.

     State Resource Centre, Kerala is an autonomous body instituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India under the management and supervision of General Education Department, Government of Kerala. SRC, Kerala started its functioning on 5th July 1978. As per the direction received from Government of India, SRC was separately registered under the chairmanship of Secretary, General Education Department, Government of Kerala. A Board of Management nominated of 15 members by the Government of Kerala, govern the functioning of SRC. The ultimate aim of the centre is to provide academic and technical resource support for comprehensive and sustainable non-formal, adult and lifelong education.
Being an agency in the field of non-formal education dealing variety of clientele groups and programmes, establishment of SRCs were a landmark in the history of independent democratic India. SRC, Kerala is unique in nature by dealing wide range of beneficiaries such as illiterate to highly educated, poor to rich and marginalized to mainstream. SRC has been synchronizing educational components, technical skill and manpower for a better and sustainable human resource development. In real sense, the centre has been bridging the gap between the less developed to the more developed, the less educated to the more educated and the less informed to the well informed. SRC helps to prepare the society to avail the opportunity/situation with contemporary development; especially in the field of information technology.
SRC, Kerala has already established its credibility by organizing model, innovative and experimental projects in the field of non-formal education. SRC, Kerala received a good number of recognition and awards from national and international agencies. It has provided resource support to NGOs for developing and implementing development education projects. Active schemes and campaigns for the implementation of health literacy programme in selected Panchayath wards in tribal and coastal pockets and identified backward areas in Kerala. It also has a standing tie up with Common Wealth of Learning (COL), Canada in connection with an Open Distance. SRC also conducts yearly research studies on socially relevant issues and problems by organizing workshops, seminars and conference.